Why Use MOTOTRBO Commercial Systems?

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Two-Way Radios

Learn how MOTOTRBO can help businesses run more efficiently with digital voice quality and integrated data applications.

Product Tours & Demos Two-Way Radios - Products

  • Transmit Interrupt
    Transmit Interrupt

    This training video reviews CPS settings for Transmit Interrupt in MOTOTRBO radios.

  • Howling Suppression Feature
    Howling Suppression Feature

    This training video will explain the Howling Suppressor feature, show how to enable it and provide a demo.

  • Voice Announcement Feature
    Voice Announcement Feature

    This training video provides an introduction for the voice announcement feature including: feature function, CPS configuration, and radio operation.

  • Lone Worker Overview
    Lone Worker Overview

    This training video provides a high level overview of the Lone Worker feature on MOTOTRBO and how to enable the feature in the CPS.

  • How to program MOTOTRBO radio with bar code data routing to OB
    How to program MOTOTRBO radio with bar code data routing to OB

    This training video will demonstrate how to program a MOTOTRBO radio with barcode data routing to option board.

  • Voice Operating Transmission (VOX )
    Voice Operating Transmission (VOX )

    This training video will provide an overview of the Voice Operating Transmission feature, show how to program, and provide a use case scenario.