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Enable personnel across your agency to operate more effectively and efficiently with the power of integrated, smart public safety software technology from Motorola Solutions.

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  • Intelligent Middleware - Group Management
    Intelligent Middleware - Group Management

    An incident escalates. With Group Management, you can create ad-hoc groups including smartphones and radios, then communicate using Push To Talk or text messaging. Bring officers together and quickly plan an effective response.

  • Intelligent Middleware - Location and mapping
    Intelligent Middleware - Location and mapping

    An officer is not responding. See exactly where that officer is, regardless of whether he’s using a radio or smartphone. Responding officers can also view the map on their smartphone and see the location of the incident and their colleagues.

  • Intelligent Middleware - Context
    Intelligent Middleware - Context

    Investigating a break-in, an officer unclips and draws his weapon. Sensors on his holster, together with a heart rate monitor registering increasingly intense activity, makes command immediately aware that an incident has escalated.

  • Intelligent Middleware - Security
    Intelligent Middleware - Security

    Wherever officers use a mobile virtual private network, all data from any device is encrypted and sent through one secure IP tunnel to one secure IP address. Multiple apps are authenticated with a single sign on, saving time and ensuring security.

  • Intelligent Middleware - WAVE
    Intelligent Middleware - WAVE

    Fire crews, police and EMS arrive on scene and need to contact senior officers and detectives, but they are all on different teams and carrying different devices. WAVE broadband Push To Talk lets officers on scene collaborate with others not there.

  • Intelligent Middleware - Messaging
    Intelligent Middleware - Messaging

    At the scene of a multiple car crash, an officer texts colleagues to advise them to approach the incident from another direction. Intelligent Messaging allows her to send this text to an individual as well as an existing or newly created talkgroup.