Motorola TETRA Portable MTP850

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Motorola's MTP850 portable terminal for mission critical voice and data communication. Get a product tour of the MTP850 and find out how its capabilities meet your needs.

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  • Voice Announcement Feature
    Voice Announcement Feature

    This training video provides an introduction for the voice announcement feature including: feature function, CPS configuration, and radio operation.

  • Bluetooth PAN Programming
    Bluetooth PAN Programming

    This training video will provide an overview of how to establish BT PAN Connection and how to read/write/clone codeplug via Bluetooth.

  • Radio Disable Configuration
    Radio Disable Configuration

    This training video will explain the Radio Disable and Enable feature for MOTOTRBO radios, show the CPS configuration and show the operation.

  • Minitor VI New Programming Options
    Minitor VI New Programming Options

    This training video identifies and explains the new programming options for the Minitor VI.

  • Howling Suppression Feature
    Howling Suppression Feature

    This training video will explain the Howling Suppressor feature, show how to enable it and provide a demo.

  • Transmit Interrupt
    Transmit Interrupt

    This training video reviews CPS settings for Transmit Interrupt in MOTOTRBO radios.