LEX C10 发布会视频

Mission Critical,
LEX C10 视频,手持宽带终端,

LEX C10 任务关键型手持宽带终端 专为中国设计

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  • Product Design For Mission Critical Environments
    Product Design For Mission Critical Environments

    In mission critical environments, technology must be 'second nature' so first responders can focus on the mission and not the technology. Learn how Motorola's products are designed with the mission in mind.

  • Interoperability Demonstration
    Interoperability Demonstration

    Motorola hosted an interoperability event attended by customers, media, and consultants. View the video to see the reactions from industry experts

  • TDMA Digital Technology
    TDMA Digital Technology

    TDMA digital technology provides distinct advantages over FDMA technology that maximize your system's capabilities and create efficiencies.