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search & rescue,
federal law enforcement,
U.S. Border Security,
coast guard,
customs and border protection,
Department Of Homeland Security,
immigration customs enforcement,
Transportation Security Administration,
port of entry,
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Motorola Solutions can help you to distill and disseminate information across border security teams in real time. One powerful operations platform unifies voice, video and data in a common view before, during and after operations.

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  • Westmoreland County Beefs Up Public Safety
    Westmoreland County Beefs Up Public Safety

    Public officials in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania take Public safety very seriously. Mission critical means meeting the needs of the citizens of the county. Especially public safety like Fire, EMS, police.

  • Motorola's Fireground Communications System Comes to Orland Park, IL
    Motorola's Fireground Communications System Comes to Orland Park, IL

    City of Orland Park, IL, is primarily a bedroom community with huge retail-commercial base and population of 75,000 to protect. Learn how the Fireground Communications System enhances the safety of every emergency responder at the incident scene.

  • Eye on Quality
    Eye on Quality

    Chief Quality Officer Mike Onystok explains the Eye on Quality message of Motorola Solutions. Quality is the foundation of how we do business, and employees are committed to making outstanding products and services their top priority.

  • MOTOTRBO Customer Testimonials
    MOTOTRBO Customer Testimonials

    MOTOTRBO customers share their experiences working with MOTOTRBO systems.

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