ADVISOR™ TPG2200 TETRA Pager - German

Motorola Pager,
digitaler Meldeempfänger

Mit seiner hohen Sende-/Empfangseigenschaft und der langen Betriebsstandzeit garantiert der ADVISOR™ TPG2200 TETRA-Pager, dass Einsatzkräfte jederzeit erreichbar sind, um Menschen in Not schnelle Hilfe bzw. Versorgung zu gewähren.

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  • MOTOTRBO: Going the Distance with Motorola
    MOTOTRBO: Going the Distance with Motorola

    MOTOTRBO systems were used by teams to communicate over 13,000 km with excellent, reliable audio quality.

  • Mission Critical: Austin, Texas
    Mission Critical: Austin, Texas

    When it was time for the city of Austin, Texas to build a new public safety radio system, there was an opportunity to install a mission critical communications solution. Public safety agencies needed interoperability, which they got from Motorola.

  • Product Design For Mission Critical Environments
    Product Design For Mission Critical Environments

    In mission critical environments, technology must be 'second nature' so first responders can focus on the mission and not the technology. Learn how Motorola's products are designed with the mission in mind.

  • Industry-first Wireless Firewall
    Industry-first Wireless Firewall

    Motorola's Wireless Firewall provides clean separation between wireless and wired networks, ensuring sensitive personal information such as credit card data is protected at all times. See how Motorola's wireless firewall can protect your business.

  • Motorola Network Security Services Overview
    Motorola Network Security Services Overview

    See how Motorola services provide the network security and reliability that customers demand while lowering the cost to plan, deploy and manage a system, minimize network risk and maximize a network's potential.

  • Interoperability Demonstration
    Interoperability Demonstration

    Motorola hosted an interoperability event attended by customers, media, and consultants. View the video to see the reactions from industry experts