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  • Managed Services - Victoria Government Emergency Service: Data & Radio Network

    Managed Services - Victoria Government Emergency Service: Data & Radio Network

    Keith Walker, Contract Director & Manager of Victorian Mobile Radio & Data Networks, talks about how Motorola had a substantial track record of delivering emergency services, and how Victoria could not compromise on public safety communication.

  • Interoperability Demonstration

    Interoperability Demonstration

    Motorola hosted an interoperability event attended by customers, media, and consultants. View the video to see the reactions from industry experts

  • TDMA Digital Technology

    TDMA Digital Technology

    TDMA digital technology provides distinct advantages over FDMA technology that maximize your system's capabilities and create efficiencies.

  • MOTOTRBO Connect Plus

    MOTOTRBO Connect Plus

    Connect Plus multi-site digital trunking is a two-way radio system that enables you to accommodate the high volume, wide area voice and data communication that is required to keep your mobile workforce connected.

  • MOTOTRBO Transmit Interrupt

    MOTOTRBO Transmit Interrupt

    Transmit Interrupt allows users to interrupt conversations during an emergency or deliver critical communications via voice interrupt, remote voice dekey & other interrupt features.

  • MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus

    MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus

    Capacity Plus single-site digital trunking expands the capacity of a MOTOTRBO two-way radio system by enabling more than 1,000 MOTOTRBO radio users

  • Tetra Turkish Public Safety Video

    Tetra Turkish Public Safety Video

    Motorola is the leading supplier of TETRA, the technology of choice for public safety authorities in EMEA. TETRA was designed for public safety use and offers secure, efficient and interoperable communications, even in times of crisis.