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  • We Are Motorola Solutions

    We Are Motorola Solutions

    Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown discusses exciting prospects for the new company as Motorola separates into two independent companies.

  • Designing APX Two-Way Radios

    Designing APX Two-Way Radios

    Eric Brooks, Motorola VP of Engineering for Government and Public Safety, discusses designing APX7000, the first double-sided two-way radio. It meets public safety official needs like loud audio, clear easy to see displays and easy to use controls.

  • Motorola EMEA Radio Repair Service

    Motorola EMEA Radio Repair Service

    Motorola's repair and return services are provided for all Motorola's TETRA radios. The video tracks the radio through the entire repair process and shows how we ensure the radios are returned on time and to original factory specifications.

  • Redefiniendo la Movilidad en Campo

    Redefiniendo la Movilidad en Campo

    En Motorola, la innovación es nuestro negocio. La Computación Móvil Motorola continúa con esa larga tradición redefiniendo la movilidad industrial

  • Are You Ready for the Future of Enterprise?

    Are You Ready for the Future of Enterprise?

    Improve Performance with Real-Time Workforce Management Your mobile workers are your enterprise. Gain insight into the future of business and empower your mobile workers with the next generation of enterprise management from Motorola.

  • Lewis Bergman, Texas Communications

    Lewis Bergman, Texas Communications

    Texas Communications is an authorized Motorola Service Partner providing high quality personal service to businesses and residential subscribers in the Abilene Texas area since 1972.

  • TETRA Polish Public Safety Video

    TETRA Polish Public Safety Video

    Motorola is the leading supplier of TETRA, the technology of choice for public safety authorities in EMEA. TETRA was designed for public safety use and offers secure, efficient and interoperable communications, even in times of crisis.